Saturday 24 March 2018 - Airey Park, Strathfield

Cultures combine in this celebration of the many communities who come from across the globe to call Strathfield home!

Join us at Airey Park (which is just a short walk away from Flemington Train Station) as we set up by the playground to celebrate Harmony Day. There will be a barbecue, gozleme, paella and skewers with flavours from different regions of the world and delicious desserts to feast on.

Our stage will feature colourful and cultural performances from China, Korea and India as well as an entertaining African drumming performance as participants will be called on stage to join in on the fun!

If you’ve ever wanted to throw a boomerang, learn more about the dreamtime, get crafty with an origami workshop or have your hands transformed by a henna tattoo artist, then you’re in luck! There will also be a jumping castle, face painters and a native animal display at Airey Park for everyone to enjoy.

Food Stall Applications Are Now Open

Complete the application form and email to

SCHEDULE - Coming Soon

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